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Looking for modern and stylish apartment renovation in Dubai? Design Furniture offers the best renovation services for apartments and penthouses to transform your living spaces into an urban oasis.





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Bringing Urban Elegance To Your Apartment: The Benefits Of Renovation

Revamping your apartment interior design is a piece of cake for our skilled labor. Here are the benefits;


Top-Quality Materials

We only use the best quality materials for installations, furnishings, and fixtures.


Competitive Pricing

We demand pocket-friendly prices for high-class Apartment Renovation Dubai services.


Service Expertise

From design to execution and finishing, we showcase professionalism in all fields of renovation.

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We Create Impeccable Apartment Interior Design In Dubai

We create a more functional, comfortable, and visually appealing apartment interior design by making structural changes and updating the design elements. Plus, the inclusion of smart home features truly makes your living spaces; a desirable luxury.

From updating fixtures and furnishings to wiring and plumbing works, we take care of all aspects with proper care and attention. You can rely on us for full-scale design makeovers as well as specific apartment interior renovations. Plus, we demand budget-friendly prices for top-class renovation services.

Renovate Your Apartment with Custom Interior Design

We are the leading apartment renovation company in Dubai that provides top-class services. The best thing we offer is flexibility in interior designs. You can choose the custom interior design to give your apartment a completely personalized look.

You can come to our showroom in Al Quoz or call our apartment renovation contractors to visit your place. They will help you create a custom design for apartment transformation that meets your personal choices. We ensure that every client gets a desirable and functional interior space.

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Customers’ Thoughts About Us

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Why Choose Design Furniture For Apartment Renovations In Dubai?

We offer the best apartment renovation services in Dubai. From bedrooms and living rooms to bathrooms and kitchens, we have expertise in renovating and remodeling apartments all-in-all. We use the finest materials, demand reasonable prices, and offer client-based design solutions in all our renovation projects.

Enjoy impeccable apartment conversions with our best renovation strategy of “Analyze, Design, Finish”. Being readily available and easily accessible throughout Dubai, we’re your ultimate destination for all sorts of apartment renovation needs.

Frequently Asked Questions 

You can install energy-efficient appliances, a programmable thermostat, and low-flow fixtures. Plus, you can also use low-VOC paints, LED light bulbs, and natural cleaning products. It’s always better to choose sustainable materials and create a composting system.

It depends on the scope of the renovation project. For instance, if there are large-scale structural changes, it might be necessary to vacate the apartment. On the other side, if you’re getting only a specific apartment interior, there’s no need to vacate the apartment.

An apartment renovation service includes planning and design, demolition and removal, electrical and plumbing work, flooring and wall upgrades, kitchen and bathroom renovation, and painting and finishing to transform a living space.

You should consider your budget, necessary permits and regulations, design and layout, functionality, timeline, sustainability, and communication with your renovation service provider to ensure a successful outcome.

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