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Get Unique & Modish Collection Of EPDM Flooring Dubai

We offer various aesthetic and versatile collections of EPDM Flooring Dubai. We manufacture it in many colors and textures that can charm your playground and the surface of the sports center.

All the colors and shades of rubber flooring are available at our stores, so you can get exactly what you want and have dreamed of.

Give A Stunning Look To Any Place With EPDM Flooring Dubai

Most people want EPDM flooring Dubai for outdoor flooring because they think that this flooring is only suitable for outdoor areas. We have got this flooring variant that applies to both indoor and outdoor areas. So, you can now enjoy the EPDM functionality in both of your areas.

They are used in playgrounds, but our EPDM Rubber Flooring can apply to various places. You can get them for the gym, office, hotel, sports club, apartments, basketball court, walkways, pool areas, schools, etc.

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We Are Top-notch Supplier & Installer Of EPDM Flooring Dubai

You can find the best EPDM Granules Flooring Dubai option for your playground as we have been providing premium quality products to our customers for many years. We also manufacture up-to-date and trending EPDM flooring designs that can make your play area more comfortable and where you can perform your sports activities easily. We not only beautify your floors but also give you durability.

Other Remarkable Benefits of Getting Our EPDM Flooring Dubai

We provide the best Flooring for your play area so it can charm the space. We manufacture them with such soft material that if you fall on the floor, it will give you the feeling of a cushion and protect you from getting any injury while playing any sport.

Apart from this, our rubber flooring offers some other stunning benefits that are given below:

  • We manufacture multi-purpose EPDM flooring Dubai in various thicknesses that can be used for various applications.
  • They are highly durable.
  • Install them easily.
  • They can be cleaned easily.
  • We made them with such great material that makes them scratch and dent-resistant.
  • They can tolerate heavy objects.
  • Our flooring can survive at high temperatures with no damage or discoloration.
  • We offer eco-friendly rubber and vinyl plank flooring.
  • They are waterproof and can withstand harsh weather.
  • They are manufactured in many colors and textures that can give an elegant look to your play area.
  • It is easily compatible with parks, playgrounds, walkways, pools, gyms, ponds, schools, etc.

Our EPDM Flooring Collection

Why Choose Us?

Design Furniture has gained so much popularity because of its commitment to provide premium quality services to customers at the most reasonable rates. We are always there for you, no matter if you want to get our services for small or big spaces. We are just a call away from you. Contact us anytime. We are available 24/7 to give our best services to you.

If you want to look at the quality and variety that we are offering, then you can visit our shop in Dubai or browse through the gallery on our website. We deliver your ordered EPDM Flooring Dubai to your door throughout the UAE. We always offer the best flooring, and our customers are always satisfied with our quality products.

epdm flooring Dubai

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, you can get our waterproof EPDM Flooring Dubai and install it around wet and moist areas, like swimming pools.

Different EPDM flooring textures are available at different costs for different areas. For example, you can get it for doing exercise at $2 per square foot, while if you want to get it for your living room, it will cost you from $12 to $15 per square foot because of the thickness and quality variation. The price also changes.

The EPDM installation is not compatible with gasoline, aliphatic oils, halogenated solvents, kerosene, and concentrated acids.