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We Provide Stylish and Trendy Outdoor Curtains Dubai

If you’re looking for the best outdoor curtains, we are here to help. We use top-quality materials to make our curtains for the outdoors. Our curtains are attractive, functional, and visually appealing to elevate your outside windows.

We provide highly practical window dressing options meant to be installed outside. Our curtains are waterproof and are not affected by hot weather or sandstorm. Contact us today for stylish and trendy options to transform your outer space.

Get the Best Variety of Affordable Outdoor Curtains Dubai

We have superlative varieties of curtains with the latest stylish designs at affordable prices to cover your windows. These curtains provide complete privacy and create the ideal outdoor environment for you. You can shield your property from UV rays, harsh weather, and sandstorms with our beautiful and cheap outdoor curtains in Dubai.

We stock the widest collection of outdoor window coverings containing gazebo curtains, patio curtains, or other high-quality curtains. From linen, sheer, cotton, to blackout fabrics, we have many curtain options for your space. They are made to uplift the level of your outdoor space and add worth to your house or office’s exterior. Contact us today to get luxurious curtains in Dubai.

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Undeniable Features of Our Best Outdoor Curtains

Everyone wants to make theri exterior space beautiful. It is very trendy to hang outdoor curtains to make the atmosphere more pleasant. These are some of the features of our curtains that are designed for outdoors.

  • Weather-resistant
  • Fade-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable fabric
  • Privacy-enhancing

We Customize Our Outdoor Curtains for Every Space

If you want unique outdoor curtains for your outdoor space, we offer customization service at a reasonable cost. We offer tailored design options and versatile styles to prepare curtains of your choice. You can get custom sizes for your outdoor drapes to cover your windows completely. Our customized curtains will have a unique aesthetic appeal, giving your outdoor space a perfect look.

Outdoor Restaurants: Improve the look and comfort of outdoor seating areas with special curtains.

Beach Resorts: Entertain your guests with beautiful private outdoor spaces using our custom curtains.

Pool Area: Add a private and sun-free area around your pool. Our curtains look so classy and are very practical.

Terrace: Use custom curtains in high-end penthouses and terraces to create stylish open-air areas.

Home Balconies: Customize the balcony of your home with personalized outdoor curtains in Dubai for better light control and privacy.

What We Offer

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Experience Seamless Installation of Outdoor Curtains Dubai

Our professional installation team offers seamless outdoor curtain installation in Dubai. They offer precision in measurement to ensure the best functionality. Our experienced team uses quality installation tools to ensure the timely completion of the curtain fitting process.

We are known as the trusted supplier and installer of outdoor curtains in Dubai. You will see that we pay attention to details to get amazing results and to guarantee customer satisfaction. For quick curtain installation service, contact us online to book an appointment.

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Why Choose Us?

At our outdoor curtains shop in Dubai, you will see a wide range of styles. To see fantastic window coverings for your outdoor windows, visit our shop in Al Quoz, 1st or check out our website.

Our products and services are not only delivered in Dubai, but also throughout the UAE. Contact us now to place your order, no matter where you are in the UAE. Your curtains will be delivered to your home. We can also offer you a free sample if you have doubts about the product’s quality. So, don’t make it late, upgrade your boring outdoor space with our modern curtains.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Outdoor curtains are made to cover your outdoor areas & protect your interior assortments. You can cover your windows, patio doors, or any other outdoor space.

Designfurniture.ae, a top-notch brand offering high-quality outdoor curtains with multiple functionalities(manual or motorized) with a zipper option to cover properly.

Outdoor curtains are very easy to maintain & take care of. Just with the regular cleaning with a brush or microfiber cloth you can keep your outdoor curtains neat & clean.

To make your outdoor window curtains slide on the rod you have to follow a few easy steps mentioned below:

  • Consider placing a magnet on the curtain rod right at the point where you want your curtains to stop.
  • Use a rubber band as a stopper
  • Then, add a double-sided strip to your stopping position.