7 Reasons To Install Laminate Flooring On Stairs

Laminate flooring is getting popular in the flooring market. People want to replace their floors with laminate ones because of their beautiful appearance and cheap rates. This flooring is not only for bedroom or living room floors, but it is also ideal for use on stairs. If you want to change the carpeting on your stairs or are thinking of adding new flooring, then you can select this flooring.

There are a number of reasons that can convince you to add this flooring to your stairs. If you want to know all the reasons for installing flooring on the stairs, then continue reading this blog.

Here are the 7 major reasons that you should know before adding laminate flooring to your stairs.

1. Easy To Install

Easy To Install

One of the biggest reasons for using laminate flooring on your stairs is that it is very easy to install. As you know, stairs have many sharp and odd cuts, and many people have narrow stairs, so the cutting of other floorings is very difficult, such as solid hardwood flooring. However, you can easily cut laminate flooring into the desired shape to make it fit your stairs, perfectly.

The installation process of this flooring takes very little time if you are thinking of hiring experts for the installation process. Another interesting thing is that you can even install this flooring on your own if you have some know-how about the cutting of planks.

2. Easy To Maintain

Easy To Maintain | install Laminate Flooring On Stairs

Another reason for installing laminate flooring on the stairs is that this flooring is very easy to clean. You can maintain your flooring by just cleaning it with a broom to remove dust from it. If your flooring has a stain, try to remove it as soon as possible.

There are many cleaners that are specially made for laminate floors, so you can use them to clean your flooring. Make sure to use a cleaner that is specifically designed for laminate flooring. You can also use baby shampoo to clean stains off your flooring.

Never use too much water on your flooring; just use a well-wrung damp mop to clean it. Regularly broom your flooring and, once every two months, mop it. This will upkeep your laminate flooring perfectly.

3. Inexpensive


One of the reasons that laminate flooring is so popular among homeowners is that it is very inexpensive. The price range of this flooring is from $8 to $15 per square foot, which is far less than wooden flooring. As a result, you can easily install this flooring on your stairs without breaking your bank.

The installation cost of this flooring is also less than other floorings. You have to pay between $1 and $5 to the professionals for the installation of this flooring. You can also install this flooring by yourself if you want to save money.

4. Look Elegant On Stairs

Look Elegant On Stairs

If your stairs are boring/dull and you want to make them look as elegant as the rest of your home, then you should install laminate flooring on your stairs. This flooring can give everlasting beauty to your stairs. There are many varieties of flooring available on the market today, and you can select one according to your preference.

There is Canyon Oak flooring, Refined Brass, Odessa Grey, Taupe, Cement Gray, Savannah Cherry, Barn Oak, and many other options available for you. All the colours and designs of flooring have their own distinctive beauty.

5. Very Durable

Very Durable

The laminate flooring is very durable. As stairs are always subjected to excessive use, you have to install a long-lasting option on your stairs, which should have the tendency to withstand high footfall. Also, this flooring is more resistant to scratches as compared to real hardwood flooring.

This flooring is also resistant to UV radiation, so if you are installing this flooring on your outdoor stairs, then it will not be damaged by sunlight. If you take care of the flooring in the proper way and prevent it from being exposed to water, then you can easily use your flooring for years without the need to repair it again and again.

6. Stain Resistant

Stain Resistant

Another very important reason for choosing this flooring is its stain resistance. It does not absorb stains easily, so your stairs will stay new for a long time. Laminate flooring has a protective layer on its top that protects the photographic layer underneath and does not allow any stain to penetrate into any of its layers.

If there is any stain on the laminate flooring, then you can easily clean it with a mild detergent and a clean mop.

7. Hypoallergenic


If you are allergic to real wood, then this flooring is made for you. This flooring is free from all chemicals and does not absorb any allergens, so you don’t get any reaction from this flooring. You just need to remember one thing while buying the glue for the laminate flooring: it must be safe for you.

That’s because sometimes the glue and adhesive products used in the flooring cause certain allergies and rashes on the skin of people sensitive to chemicals.

Cons Of Laminate Flooring On Stairs

Laminate Flooring does have a few drawbacks, as well. Here are some of the cons of using this flooring on stairs:

  • Not Waterproof: This flooring is not completely waterproof and only comes with a limited extent of resistance to moisture. This means that it is prone to damage under the circumstance of excessive exposure to water or subfloors with moisture problems. If you want an entirely waterproof solution for your stairs, then you should look for another type of flooring, such as vinyl plank flooring.
  • Can’t Be Refinished: When the laminate flooring on your stairs gets damaged by water or faces heavy wear and tear, you can’t repair or refinish your flooring. The only option for you is to replace your flooring.
  • Noisy Underfoot: When you use your laminate flooring frequently, it tends to become noisy, making the overall experience somewhat unpleasant.

The drawbacks of laminate flooring are quite insignificant as compared to their benefits. You can easily treat the noise underfoot and save your flooring from water. Therefore, it’s the best idea to settle for this quality flooring choice, considering all the plus points.


This was our time with all the 7 reasons to Install Laminate Flooring On Stairs, According to experts, it is the best flooring for stairs to prevent them from wear and tearing and to make them highly attractive. So now you can easily relate all the favourabilities of this flooring with your requirements and settle for a useful choice.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no need for underlayment on your stairs while you are installing laminate flooring. You just need to use glue and nails for the installation of your laminate flooring on the stairs. There are two methods for the installation of laminate flooring; the glue method and the glueless method. You can choose either of them.

Yes, it is a wise decision to choose laminate flooring for your stairs for many beneficial reasons. Some of the most important reasons for installing laminate flooring on stairs are its durability, ease of cleaning, stain resistance, non-allergenicity, and affordability.

Your stairs should be darker than your floor to create a pleasant combination. But it is unnecessary to buy the same flooring. Your stairs could be any color contrasting with your floor. The main purpose is to enhance the beauty, so you can install any color flooring on the stairs that looks beautiful to you.

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