How To Choose Your Carpet Color?

Nowadays, almost all home interiors no matter traditional-styled or chic-designed comprise a floor carpet. That’s because carpets offer a comfy and soft surface to walk on besides adding to the interior colorfulness, charm, and attractiveness. Thus, carpets have become one of the most essential flooring elements to have in homes in the present world.

However, the choice of an ideal floor carpet for your home interior may prove to be a daunting task. Because there’re so many considerations to be kept in mind like pile height, fabric material, quality, style, pattern, and finally color. The color of the carpet is what imparts a striking and eye-catching appearance to the carpet.

Therefore, the choice of complementing carpet color to the home theme should be the preliminary consideration for a carpet selection. In this blog post by Design Furniture, we’re going to explain to you the importance and effect of carpet color on the interior theme besides illuminating how to make an ideal carpet color selection.

Choose Your Carpet Color for home

Deciding On A Carpet’s Color? | Some Important Factors To Think Over

Most homeowners face the problem of a delightful carpet color selection or are torn apart between various options. And, if you’re one of them or simply don’t know what to consider for the choice of a carpet color, then you’ve got the most informative piece of writing by us in this regard.

The Importance Of Carpet Colors!

Before we move on to the considerations for carpet color selection, here’s a brief note on the importance of carpet colors in the interior. The different color combinations and discreet colors can also affect your overall mood, create an illusion of a spacious interior, and prove to be effective in various ways.

For instance, the blue color has a proprietary excellence for having a calming and soothing effect. Similarly, the red color can affect your appetite and cheerfulness. Therefore, the choice of carpet color or color combination can insignificantly yet for sure determine your behavioral outcomes when laid for prolonged periods of time. Here are a few tips for the ideal selection of color for your carpets Dubai if you’re starting from scratch!

What Color To Consider First For Carpets?

There is an immeasurable number of color choices available on the market. So, what should be your priority, and according to which interior element? Let’s take a look at it.

Carpet Color Choice For Different Interiors

Carpet is a flooring element and therefore, affects the overall interior décor and theme including the furniture items placed in the interior. Hence, the first thing to take into consideration is the type of interior you want to have carpeted i.e. living room, bedroom, guest room, etc.

That’s because the color resonance is to be selected accordingly otherwise the carpet even though being charming and attractive won’t fit in the decor equation. In this concern, there are three possible scenarios for different types of interiors.

First, you can opt for a contrasting color to the walls and furniture if the carpet is to be laid in the family room (lounge) Similarly, don’t choose light-colored carpets for the guest room as the high foot traffic will make the carpet look dirty. And, that’s a choice ideal for bedroom interiors specifically.

Second, you need to idealize a theme for efficient carpet color selection i.e. warm (more vibrant), cool (for overwhelmed interiors), greige (for a neutral color palette), etc. Lastly, always experiment with different shades of the same carpet color as it can make a huge difference.

Carpet Color Choice Relative To Furniture Items

Obviously, your home carpet has to complement the furniture items placed in the interior for a harmonious and desirable interior design creation. And unless you’re going to place an order for customized furniture, you can’t overlook this factor for the choice of carpet color.

In this concern, sofas are the most important furniture items because you’ll find the fewest color choices for ready-made sofa upholstery. And therefore, you should choose the carpet color in accordance with the sofa upholstery.

Similarly, customized beds (in case it’s a bedroom interior), chairs, or other furniture items should also be kept in view for appearance. The best approach is to choose light carpet colors (not for high-traffic interiors) because that will create the illusion of a commodious space besides adding to the interior charm and attractiveness.

At last, the wall paint can affect how the carpet outlook pops up in the interior. However, you should never match the color of the carpet and the walls otherwise the factors of interest and enthusiasm will be lost.

Choose From The Neutral Color Palette For Carpet

If you’re a bit hesitant to experiment with new things and don’t want to let your valuable investment go down the drain, then the best option is to choose from neutral colors. There’s a wide range of tonal variations available to seek out a complementing option i.e. gray, beige, brown, shades of blue, greige, earthy hues, and many more.

All these options come under the category of soft, calm, and less to no-vibrant colors. Therefore, carpets in such colors can easily offer a complementing effect to a variety of décor and style settings for the interior.

Think About Berber Flecks For A Welcoming Interior Change

Rather than going with solid (plain) colors, you can experiment with flecks of earthy tones for a solo or multi-colored carpet selection. Mostly, these are handwoven carpets and can help you incorporate a warm, vibrant, and vivid texture in the form of floor carpets. Not to mention that this type of carpeting addition will make your interior seem very distinctive yet visually appealing.

Lifestyle Matters & So Does Carpet Usage!

Obviously, your personal preferences are the first and foremost thing to affect your choice of carpet color. Therefore, you should always implement the above-mentioned considerations for color choices that complement your aesthetic taste. Similarly, if you’ve pets, the elderly, and children in the household, then the choice of carpet color should be made more precisely and carefully.

That’s because soiling marks, chemical/liquid spills, and similar other factors would be clearly visible on light-colored carpets in comparison to dark ones. Besides, such carpets have to be cleaned and taken care of more often than usual.


The color of the carpet can make a huge difference in the interior outlook and therefore, should be precisely, carefully, and most importantly selected after a comparative analysis among all the available choices. Besides, you should always keep in mind the type of interior to be carpeted, the furniture items within, and the overall theme of the space. Adding further, you should always prioritize your aesthetic preferences alongside idealizing the carpet usage practices.

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